ZJY 14W Solar Backpack, Camera Backpacks, DSLR Bag Backpacking Hiking



  • ☀SOLAR RECHARGEABLE BACKPACK: Includes solar panels to quickly and safely charge your USB device. Store energy and energy to charge your device, even in cloudy and sunny conditions. Fully charged for most devices in 6 hours, most smartphones can be charged in 1 hour
  • ☀SAFE PROTECTION: Protect equipment from damage by inserting it into a durable, rugged backpack. Breathable padded shoulder straps provide maximum protection and support. Not only does it stay dry and comfortable, it also absorbs all the impact from the shoulders and back.
  • ☀IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR GEAR: Our solar panels can be hidden in our backpacks, perfect for camping, photographers, travelers and more. Designed to power, charge and more power laptops, professional cameras and thousands of USB-enabled devices, including smartphones and DSLR camera batteries
  • ☀100% SATISFACTION: Whenever you buy, we believe that you will not let you down, you will be very satisfied, all you need to do is put it in the shopping cart.
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    Product description


    1. The solar panel absorbs solar energy, high efficiency transfer speed, turns into electric power to charge your cell phone or other small devices. When your phone has no power, you can use the USB link of your phone.

    2. The main bag with soft foam and mesh compartments of solar backpack for your digital camera and accessories. Side pockets for tripod, water bottle, or umbrella.

    3. A small anti-theft pocket located on the lower back keeps your passport, wallet, phone and other valuable items safe and handy.

    4. Prevent damage to your devices while traveling by tucking them in one of the perfectly sized and secure compartments of the durable backpack.

    5. Breathable padding shoulder strap for maximum protection and support. Not only keeping you dry and comfortable but it also takes all the impact directly off of your shoulders and back.


    1. Solar panel: Sunpower monocrystalline 125*125mm solar panel

    2. USB Port: 5V 2.1A, max output: 6.6V 1.7A – fast charge mode

    3. Size: 48.5*29*7.5cm

    4. Weight: 1683g

    The package includes:

    1 * Solar camera backpack