SOLARPOWER 500W Generator Portable Power Station-[ UPS 500W Continuous 1000w Peak ]-Lithium Battery Inverter with 110V AC Outlet, 4 DC 12V Port, 4 USB, Solar Generators for Camping CPAP Emergency Home



  • Super Large Capacity Generator for Long-Lasting Power Supply:  288Wh (3.7V 75000mAh12V 10Ah) 30 pack 18650 high-density lithium battery packs, enough power to power CPAP for 3-4 nights, Be sure to use DC-DC converter. Charge your laptop 3-4 times, charge a 32-inch TV for 1-2 hours, mini-refrigerator or other small appliances under 300w. Can be placed in car RVs, campers, very suitable for camping, cabin travel, off-road, short trips or hurricane emergency life blackouts.
  • Multi-functional of Application:  Built-in 2 AC output 110V, 4 DC 12V/5A and 2 USB/3.1A, Suitable for all kinds of equipment, providing perfect emergency backup power for home/travel/camping, Mini Refrigerator, Drone, fan, TV, Light, tablet, iPhone, iPad,CPAP.
  • Portable and Easy to carry:  Lightweight and compact generator, it is easy to carry, the lightest weight, only 5.7 pounds, comes with a convenient handle for easy travel. No noise, no vibration. Moreover, it is harmful to zero emissions, so it will not be harmful to the health of the individual and will not cause harm to nature. In addition, the addition of no gasoline or other toxic gases makes this camping generator completely safe and quiet.
  • Easy to Recharge:  A variety of charging methods can be easily charged by the sun or wall and car charger: 1) Solar generator can be charged from the sun through any compatible 60W or 100W solar panels (sold separately), energy saving and environmental protection, 8-10 hours Can be full, (sufficient sunshine). 2) Insert the battery pack into the wall outlet, fully charge within 5-6 hours, 3) Charge in the car, enjoy VAN life, 5-6 hours can be full.
  • Safety and Warranty:  SOLARPOWER 500W generator, designed by professional battery experts, is stylish and safe. The Battery Management System (BMS) supports short circuit protection, voltage control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations. , our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

    Product description

    SOLARPOWER 500W uninterruptible power supply, 1000W peak power 288Wh: large capacity lithium battery generator, rechargeable battery, support solar energy, wall socket, car charging, no gasoline,
    quiet and pollution-free, 110V/500W pure sine wave inverter, terminal equipment No damage, BMS system full protection equipment, suitable for RV camping life and emergency power supply for CPAP and other backup power

    You need a solar portable generator it?

    How often do you like camping equipment and found insufficient power?

    Whether your area the occasional hurricane sudden power outage?

    Due to a power outage at home or outdoor travel CPAP no backup power supply and cause you can not sleep?

    SOLAPOWER 500 is your answer.

    SOLAPOWER 500 portable generators main parameters:

    capacity 75000mAh / 3.7v / 288wh, 500W uninterruptible power supply, 1000W peak power

    internal battery: the battery 30 2600mAh 18650

    AC Power: AC continuous power output: 500w

    maximum power output: 1000w

    AC output: 110v / 60HZ

    DC output: 9 ~ 12.6v / 5A

    USB output: 5v / 3.1A (maximum)

    input charge: DC15V / 4A

    life cycle:> 500

    Dismensions: 11 x 5.3 x 4.3 inch

    Weight: 6.5 lbs