Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit with Wanderer (Negative Grounded)



  • Easy to use, cool to look at, and sophisticated to use with your RVs, boats, and other outdoor equipements.
  • Comes with PWM 30A charge controller and our unique designed Z brackets so you can charge your battery at ease and mount your panel stable.
  • You also get a pair of 20 feet MC4 adaptor kit to connect your panels to charge controller just in seconds.
  • With Renogy 30A PWM Charge Controller, you can add up to three 100W solar panels to this system based on your available space.
  • Added tray cable for connection between charge controller and battery.

    The Renogy 100W Solar Power Starter Kit is perfect for new customers wanting to get a start in solar. The Starter Kit is great for off-grid applications, such as RVs, trailers, boats, sheds, and cabins — providing many benefits, including, but not limited to, quiet power production and grid independence. Adding a polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar panel kit can extend your travels further than ever before.

    This solar kit comes with the tools necessary for a new system: One Renogy 100W 12V Poly/ Mono Solar Panel, one 30A PWM Wanderer Charge Controller, one 20ft 10AWG MC4 Adaptor Kit, one 8ft 10AWG Tray Cable, and one set of Z-brackets. Start your solar adventure with a Renogy Starter Kit.