RAVPower Solar Charger 21W with Dual USB Port Waterproof Foldable



  • High Energy Conversion: Ravpower highly efficient solar cells convert up to 21. 5-23. 5% of solar power into free energy. Charge up to two USB devices simultaneously and forget what it feels like to have to look for a socket.
  • Important Note: Please DO NOT lay the solar panel directly on CONCRETE, SAND, ROCK or other high heat conduction surfaces in direct sunlight – this will cause the solar panel to overheat and significantly reduce the conversion rate and output wattage
  • Smart IC: Smart IC frequency technology detects all connected devices’ input and distributes current output accordingly for up to 3. 2A
  • Charge Smarter: iSmart technology automatically adjusts to connected devices and provides the optimal charging current to minimize charging time
  • Compact Size: One of the most compact solar chargers on the market. Benefit from free solar energy in a lightweight foldable format you can always carry with you no matter where you go
    Important Note :

    1. Please do place the solar panel in direct sunlight to get the most efficient energy conversation.

    2. Please do not place solar panels behind windows. This may significantly reduce energy conversion.

    3. Please do not lay the solar panel directly on concrete floor, sand or other easy-heat-conduction place when charging. Doing so will overheat the solar panel. This may significantly reduce the conversion rate to prevent outputting efficient wattage

    The Less the waste, the more the power

    Our highly efficient solar cells convert up to 21.5-23.5% of solar power into free energy. Make sure to always get the most power you can, whether it is a sunny day or you are hiking under a cloudy sky. Plug in up to two devices at once and let nature take care of the rest.

    Smaller, yet powerful

    A lightweight portable device that will be no nuisance during your most adventurous treks. Hook it up to your backpack, tent or up the nearest tree and make sure to get as much power out of the sun as possible. The ideal choice for camping, hiking, cycling and any other outdoor activity and running out of power cannot be a concern.

    Charge Smarter

    The advanced combination of iSmart and smart IC technologies will detect all connected devices, individual input and distribute the total output accordingly. Let nature meet the best technology that has to offer.


    A finely refined waterproof fabric to outlast whatever the weather throws at it. Even water. Equipped with 4 practical hooks to always catch as much sunlight as possible and 2 iSmart USB cables, you’ll have the best travel companion for your smartphone, camera and any other USB device that ran out of juice.