Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel, Ultra Lightweight Portable



Brand: Goal Zero

Color: Black


  • The Nomad 7 will directly charge most USB and 12V devices (not tablets). Most handheld USB devices, including: Cell phone, smart phone, GPS, MP3 player
  • Collect 7 watts of solar power from the sun
  • The Nomad 7 works best with the following Goal Zero products: Goal Zero Switch 8 & 10 Recharger, Flip 10 & 20 Recharger, Guide 10 Plus Recharger, Venture 30, Rock Out Portable Speakers, and Lighthouse Lanterns
  • Foldable, rugged design, and weather resistant
  • Use the USB and 12V ports at the same time. The Nomad 7 will split the incoming solar power between the two ports to charge devices simultaneously (Some devices may not be compatible)

Solar Panel Power Port

Chain Input: Chain multiple Nomad panels together.

USB port: Charge mobile phones and other USB devices.

Guide 10 port: Charge the Guide 10.

12v (blue) port: Charge the Sherpa and other 12v devices.

What It Charges

The Nomad 7 directly charges most USB and 12V devices (not tablets), including cell phones, smartphones, GPS and MP3 players.

Also charges the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus, the Flip 10, the Switch 10 and the Venture 30.