Alfway Black 3-in-1 Rechargeable 7800mAh Electric Hand Warmer/Power Bank/Flashlight with Two Heating Temperature Options for Various Chilly Outdoor Activities, Cold Weather and Snowfield Sports



  • This electric hand warmer can quickly heat up to target temperature and maintain the temperature constant. The exterior shell is made of aluminum which conducts heat to your hands more easily.
  • Provides two heating temperature options to meet different temperature needs: Low Heat (45℃/ 113℉) and High Heat (49℃/ 120℉). Can relieve the pain caused by arthritis, Reynaud Syndrome and dysmenorrhea.
  • With built-in rechargeable battery, this reusable heater needs 2~3 hours to be fully charged. Low Heat mode can last 7~8 hours. High Heat mode can last 6~7 hours.
  • This electronic hand warmer can also work as a 7800 mAh USB power bank. The output is 5V 2.1A. It can charge phones, tablets and other small mobile devices.
  • With tiny size and light weight, this portable heater has LED flashlight function. Suitable for cold weather, snowfield sports, hunting, winter hiking, winter camping, winter traveling and other chilly outdoor activities.